IAM snacks by Soffid: Information Security in health sector

IAM snacks by Soffid: Information Security in health sector

Over the past decade, the cyberthreat to the healthcare industry has increased dramatically, along with the sophistication of cyberattacks. Industry and government both recognize this new era. For each improvement delivered by automation, interoperability, and data analytics, the vulnerability to malicious cyberattacks increases as well.

Cyberattacks are of particular concern for the health sector because attacks can directly threaten not just the security of systems and information but also the health and safety of patients.

Healthcare organizations are attractive targets for cybercriminals for three main reasons:

  • Criminals can quickly sell patient medical and billing information on the darknet for insurance fraud purposes.
  • Ransomware’s ability to lock down patient care and back-office systems make lucrative ransom payments likely.
  • Internet-connected medical devices are susceptible to tampering


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