Is your Intranet Digital Workplace secure?

Is your Intranet Digital Workplace secure?

Intranets offer more than just avenues for communication within your company. They also present employees with a treasure trove of content and services, enabling them to perform better and become more effective.

On the contrary, when employers are forced to deal with unwieldy intranets, be it for lack of features or a cluttered UI, to manage their daily tasks, the negative impact on the company’s bottom line can be huge.

As such, implementing a robust intranet solution can give companies a competitive advantage. In fact, Deloitte research shows that companies with strong internal social and work networks are 7% more productive.

Yet, not all intranets are created equal, and some might not give you as many benefits as other, more consolidated, options.

Intranets were created to increase productivity in the physical workplace, but 2020 showed us that the workplace isn’t tied to a single location. The workplace has now become a concept rather than a specific site.

Yet, there is still the need for a centralized hub where employees can access company information and improve their communication. When employees don’t have access to a neural center to find what they are looking for, the company suffers. Plus, without an intranet, employees will start using their own tools, resulting in data silos and incompatible technologies.

These are some of the features you need to look for in a modern intranet in 2021:

  • Intuitive user experience: Intranets shouldn’t look different from other applications and software, and they need to be easy to use.
  • Integration with third-party applications: Modern intranets need to integrate with both corporate and consumer applications of all kinds.
  • Availability as a mobile application: Modern intranets need to be available as native apps or PWAs to reach employees truly.
  • Support for cloud office solutions: Be it Microsoft 365 or Google G-Suite, an intranet needs to work with the office suite your company uses.
  • Personalization-ready: Modern intranets need to be able to personalize messages for both departments and users at a granular level.

Intranets connect all of an organization’s teams, systems, and networks elevating your operations to a whole new level. But why open source? Simple, because you need a platform with flexible information architecture. A platform you can tweak as per your company’s needs and unique workflows.

The main benefits of an open source platform for intranets include:

  • Lower costs: Open source platforms tend to be more cost-effective than proprietary software.
  • Extensibility: An open source intranet can be built into and can be extended to maximize growth.
  • Integrability: The open source architecture enables developers to integrate with other platforms without the constraints of a proprietary solution.
  • Powerful search: A modern intranet needs powerful search capabilities to be able to sift through all the data enterprise businesses have.

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