Soffid version 2.0: released!

Jan 10, 2017 | Release

This is big news, Soffid Version 2.0 is here.

We are pleased to announce that version 2.0 of the Soffid Console and Soffid Sync server have been released.

This version includes a lot of improvements with respect to previous versions, and it is indeed a lot more than an incremental improvement of the software. This version includes functionality, as well as User Experiency improvements together with enhancements in performance. The team of Engineers at Soffid has been working hard to get this version out there, and now it is time for our clients and our community to take advantage of it. We hope you enjoy it.

Please, find this new version here.

The list of the new features that we are including in this version 2.0 are:

1) Multi-tenant functionality

Now Soffid has multi-tenant functionality. One individual instance of Soffid can manage more than one tenant, thus from a single Cloud instance Soffid can handle Identity and Access management for different clients or different companies. This feature will enhance operations for multiple of our clients.

2) User Experience improvements

This version of Soffid presents several User Experience improvements. For instance, Soffid now offers autocompletion in role and application searches, dynamic filters are now substituting the old static filters, and we have added multiscreen configuration pages for custom object definitions.

3) Great performance improvement

An extra layer of reconciliation intelligence has been added into Soffid to produce an initial grouping of tasks related to the same object before commiting changes to the database. This allows for faster speed in tasks completion and a huge increase of performance in bulk processes.

4) SCIM server

Soffid now offers a SCIM server RESTful API service. Full control of actions in Soffid can be done through this new RESTful service to enhance integration with other services or other third party applications. Everything is following the SCIM standard.

5) Custom objects

This version of Soffid introduces for the first time Custom Objects as part of the Soffid data model. With these new type of objects, the administrator may define new multidimensional attributes to every user such as Tablet (with all their identification data) or mobile phones (including their SIM and serial numbers) all encapsulated in the same object. There is also a specific pane to define the characteristics of the custom objects. This gives a big amount of flexibility to the tool. We hope our customers enjoy it.

6) Soffid is now enabled to work as Software as a Service

Version 2.0 is cloud ready! For the very first time, Soffid is now ready to be installed fully as Software as a Service. Current and future users of Soffid can now decide if they want to still host the Soffid instance on premise or if they want to migrate to a cloud installation. This will mean a big smoothing out of operations and maintenance costs.

7) TomEE is now the JEE platform (substitution from JBoss)

Soffid has migrated from JBoss to TomEE as the current JEE platform. TomEE offers better memory handling, it is faster and it is more reliable.

8) Control measures to avoid accidental mass changes

Soffid has incorporated in this version also a control measure to avoid accidental massive changes in the repository. This has been added to Soffid to avoid that massive changes in a certain target system propagate to the central system of Soffid even if they were due to a malfunction or an accident on the target system. To avoid these circumstances, a threshold of maximum allowable actions can be defined in Soffid. If this maximum is reached, Soffid will mark all such tasks as pending, and will prompt the administrator for confirmation. Just an extra step of control that prevents possible operational crisis.

9) Some minor bugs are also fixed within this version


We are always eager to listen what users think of these improvements and we are also looking forward to hearing for more suggestions for our future Soffid versions.

We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

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