New Releases and Enhancements in Soffid: Download Available!

Nov 22, 2023 | Release, soffid

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of new releases and enhancements to the Soffid platform. You can now access the latest versions for both the Console and Synchronization Server, along with several add-ons and a new version of PAM.

In this new update, we’ve incorporated features like support for using Docker Compose, streamlining installation and upgrade processes. Additionally, we’ve introduced new configurable environment variables in the installation.

The latest version of our Push Authenticator is now available as an authentication method, supporting one-click authentication for login. Among the improvements, we’ve focused on responsive design for mobiles and tablets, as well as specific enhancements across various areas of the platform.


  • Console 3.5.9: New environment variables, mobile design improvements, Docker Compose compatibility, and more.
  • Synchronization Server Task corrections in Oracle database, configuration encryption improvements, and bug fixes.
  • PAM 1.4.24: Docker image updates, improvements in screenshot search, SSH file transfer, and more.
  • Addons: Enhancements and updates across various add-ons such as Federation, BPM, OTP, SCIM, XACML, Report, and Admin.


Visit this link to access the download for these new versions and explore all the enhancements they offer.


Discover how these updates can elevate your company’s security and identity management to the next level with Soffid!

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