Soffid Webinar: IAM and SSO trends shaping the future of security

Mar 11, 2021 | soffid

Leveraging the full potential of a modern IAM platform is the first step towards eliminating your legacy headaches. Today many organizations are looking at cloud based solutions to accelerate their programs, reduce future operational requirements, and future proof their investments.

It is a pleasure to invite all our clients, partners and interested ones to the first of our webinars we are celebrating next 23rd March.

During the webinar we will discuss about the new trends in Identity and Access Management and Single Sign On to meet the challenges of protecting today’s complex enterprise networks.

At the end of the conference, all participants will receive a link to download Soffid 3.

Would you like to get the most of your cybersecurity system? Join our next webinar



23rd March – 16.00-17.00


Who is leading the webinar?

Our CTO: Gabriel Buades

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