Soffid 3.3.X: An improved version of our platform

Feb 2, 2022 | News, Release, soffid

In today’s digital world, enterprise IT and security professionals are increasingly seeking identity and access management (IAM) services to provide secure and positive customer experiences.

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Soffid 3.3.X, our latest version. The new Soffid release includes security enhancements.
It also includes:

  • the possibility of having multiple instances of synchronization servers, each with its own IP address.
  • Two web services are created internally.
  • One public https to provide service to SSO clients, synchronization, …. etc.,
  • and another internal http to access the monitoring of logs and the system.

Java mail has been updated for both the console and the sync server.

Improvements have been included for memory management in java 11.

The docker version has been improved so that both console and sync server can be run without the docker user being root.


At the Sync server monitoring page, you could view the status of all the sync servers instances.

Improvements on the columns organization at the pages with lists as Users and accounts. Now you can configurate the order at the “Add or remove columns” option.

A disabled group will be displayed strikethrough, as happens with users and accounts.

At security level, a new authorization to allow enabled and disabled users.

An improvement at the Access logs page has been added. The session control start and end has been improved and the protocol used to connect now is displayed.

An account is blocked for ten minutes if the user fails three times writing the credentials.

Sync Server

With distributed environments in mind, we have added the capability for each Sync server to auto-generate its own certificate and auto-sign it. These certificates will be stored in a Soffid database table to know the relationship between the certificates and the sync servers.

For each synchronization server a certificate will be generated with a validity of two years.

45 days before the expiration date, a new certificate will be created. 

15 days before the expiration date, the new certificate will be activated.

It will be mandatory to restart the synchronization server to use the new certificate, if necessary, the synchronization server will restart itself just before the expiration date.


When you are configuring an agent, at the “integration flows” tab, you can click into the mapping properties and the proper properties will be displayed to update.

Incremental update in SQL connector to detect the table changes made out of Soffid.

Performance improvements when a lot of connectors are in use.

Soffid features help enable enterprises to meet multiple business needs, taking ease of use and  cost efficiency into consideration. This is in addition to providing enterprises with the ability to reduce administrative burdens and deliver more frictionless user experiences. As the market for identity security evolves and enterprises continue to demand cutting-edge products, Soffid is committed to making industry-leading enhancements without sacrificing the user experience.

Explore to learn more about our products and solutions, the broadening role of identity in IT and product development, and how Soffid can power your business.

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