Jul 3, 2020 | Partner

ONE IT WORLD is a 10 year’s consulting firm based in Cali, Colombia that provides services in Europe, Americas and Caribbean Region, specialized in Digital Enterprise Architecture, Solutions Architecture, Architectural Review and Solution’s Implementation for financial institutions, including central banks, credit card processors, electronic billing, payments and international transfers, capital markets, multilateral organizations, international holdings and government services (internal taxes, customs, public accounting and public investments); their SEVEN corporate fundamentals are “Excellence, Quality, Precision, Efficiency, Integrity, Security and Global Vision”.

In 2012, ONE IT WORLD received the Computerworld Honors 2012 Winners: Using technology to benefit society in Washington D.C. in the category “Economic Development” for the case study “Government Central Payment Service for Online Taxes” A project financed with  founds of the Inter-American Development Bank, in which they designed and implemented a service-oriented integration architecture between El Salvador’s Ministry of Finance and 10 major banks creates a more efficient and reliable framework for taxpayers to make payments at banks that the government receives online.

Other relevant projects include, the new Maritime Services Portal technology architecture design, infrastructure performance testing & tuning, and application services optimization of the Panama Canal Expansion Project in 2015 that servers all the maritime traffic in the world between Pacific and Atlantic in Panama City; TUI Travel A&D business process review and improvement for serving over 35 million transactions per hour around the globe for reservations, project developed in Spain; Colombia Stock Exchange architecture and implementation of the new national stock market information system; architecture review and improvement of the new Dominican Republic central social security information system in 2018; architecture and implementation of the new Online-Services Banking Portal of Helm Bank (now Itau bank from Brazil) in 2012 as well as the new global integration architecture design of the Pacific Rubiales Energy (Oil & Energy) 2014 in Colombia.

Since 2010, they have successfully applied industry standards, methods and engineering best practices such as TOGAF, BIAN, FIX, IFX, Open Banking, ISO 20022, design patterns, enterprise integration patterns for Hybrid integration (Multi-Cloud + On-Premise), security patterns, anti-patterns, micro services patterns for implementing secure distributed and decentralized, multi-channel, highly available solution architectures based on middleware and internet technologies, along with BPM, ESB, API, Micro Services, API Gateways, EDA, Event Hubs, Messaging Services, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Elastic Architectures based on Docker and Kubernetes, Blockchain technologies, that gives us a unique perspective and excellent results in their customers projects using modern application architecture and digital business transformation strategies

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