Essential advanced data protection techniques to safeguarding corporate information

Jun 7, 2023 | cloud, cybersecurity, Definitions, trends

Nowadays, information is one of the most valuable assets for companies. They face a growing need to protect their data against increasingly sophisticated threats. In addition to standard security practices, there are advanced techniques that can further strengthen protection against ongoing cyberattacks.

Let’s explore some of these techniques and how they can help companies keep their information secure.

  • Network segmentation is a technique that involves dividing the corporate network into smaller, isolated segments. This prevents an attack from easily spreading from one part of the network to another, limiting the scope of a potential security incident. By implementing this technique, companies can reduce risks and minimize the impact of an attack.


  • Real-time security monitoring is another crucial technique for data protection. It involves using intrusion detection tools and systems to continuously monitor the network for suspicious activities. By detecting and responding promptly to threats, organizations can prevent or minimize the damage caused.


  • Implementation of role-based access controls is an essential practice to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data. This technique involves assigning specific roles and permissions to employees based on their responsibilities and job requirements. By restricting access to only necessary information, the risk of accidental or malicious data exposure is reduced.


  • Another advanced technique is digital forensics analysis, which involves the collection and analysis of digital evidence in the event of an incident. This allows companies to investigate and understand the events that led to the security breach, identify potential attackers, and take measures to prevent future attacks.

It is important to note that these advanced techniques should not be considered as standalone solutions but rather as complementary components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It is crucial to implement a layered approach, combining multiple techniques and security practices to establish a robust defence against evolving cyber threats.

By adopting these techniques, companies can strengthen their security posture and minimize the risks associated with constantly evolving cyber threats.

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