El sector Retail frente a los ciberataques

Oct 26, 2022 | Ciberseguridad

El sector Retail frente a los ciberataques; Cyberattacks against the retail sector are an ongoing concern. There are a number of factors that make retail systems attractive targets for hackers. Fortunately, there are also effective safeguards against these attacks. In an industry that has traditionally only seen crime in the form of shoplifting, online retail has become a favourite target among cyber criminals and has been one of the most attacked sectors this year.

Customer information has been perhaps the biggest target, including both details from card payments and general personal information. Retailers have access to a wealth of sensitive data about their customers, who use often-repeated; login details for their accounts. As businesses increase their use of cloud computing and third-party vendors, supply chains have also become a common attack surface full of vulnerable touchpoints, particularly as retailers can’t always guarantee that their suppliers have robust cyber security in please, or even take security as seriously.


Retail Cybersecurity Statistics

Retailers have always been attractive targets for cyber attackers and data thieves. But now, cybersecurity issues in retail have become an even bigger concern. Consider these recent (2020) retail cybersecurity statistics:

  • 24% of cyberattacks targeted retailers, more than any other industry (Trustwave)
  • 34% of retailers said cybersecurity worries were their primary hindrance in moving to e-commerce (BDO)
  • 34% also said that cyber attacks or privacy breaches were their most serious digital threat (BDO)
  • Financial motives drove cyber attackers in 99% of retail cyber attacks (Verizon 2020)
  • When data is compromised in an attack, 42% is payment information and 41% is personally identifiable data (Verizon 2020)

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