Products and Services -
Soffid provides full Single Sign On experience and full identity governance features. All in an open source, efficient and powerful software product. Security and productivity is now affordable.
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Products and Services

Open Source software suite

Soffid is an open, free and fully available Single Sign On and Identity Governance solution. Browse this section to learn more about the differerent components of Soffid, about the product architecture and also to download our software.

Enterprise subscription services

At Soffid we provide fully certified subscription services that offer access to fully tested enterprise edition of our software and access to a fully reactive and proactive technical support service.

Consulting and deployment services

At Soffid we provide also strategic and consulting services in identity governace best practices, together with implementation advice and hands-on support to implement your single sign or or identity governance solution with a full guarantee that your system will meet the necessary requirements of stability, scalability and performance.