Soffid Version 2.3 is here!

Aug 23, 2018 | Release

We have great news, Soffid Version 2.3 is here.

We are very excited to announce that version 2.3 of the Soffid Console and Soffid Sync server have been released.

This version includes many improvements, the greatest enhancement is its performance and stability, which is of upmost importance in the production environment, for which we highly recommend this new version.

There are many user interface improvements but the most outstanding feature is a new distributed memory cache, that will dramatically improve multi node deployments.

The team of Engineers at Soffid has been working very hard to improve on earlier releases, the new version has been extensively tried and tested. Now the 2.3 version is out there, and it is time for our clients and our community to take advantage of it. We hope you enjoy it.

Please, find this new version here.

What are the new features in this version?

The list of new features is:

1) LinOTP supported

Soffid now supports LinOTP. LinOTP is a Linux based solution to manage multi factor authentication with one time password devices. LinOTP supports different authentication protocols, token types and user repositories. This feature increases log on security.

2) User experience

This version of Soffid presents several User Experience improvements. Soffid offers an improved mechanism to rename accounts and target systems, an asynchronous search for users, groups, roles and accounts. It allows users to remove networks with deleted hosts and to execute schedulable tasks regardless of whether they are scheduled or not.

3) Distributed memory cache

Soffid’s version 2.3 presents a new distributed memory cache. This distribution of cache memory will be very useful for large deployments. Furthermore it supports large quantities of information, providing more scalability than version 2.0.

4) User interface improvements

In the 2.3 version we can also find many small user interface improvements that will enhance the user’s experience. A cleaner and clearer version of the user interface which will ease user navigation. In version 2.3 the user interface also allows to remove users.

5) Global parameter to set system in read-only, manual or automatic task creation

This feature will prevent accidental modifications of target systems during configuration and test phases, improving overall security.

6) Console password is by default encrypted in configuration files

Until version 2.3 the password to access databases from the first console was in clear text, from now on it will be obfuscated to prevent misuse.

7) Some minor bugs are also fixed within this version


We are always eager to listen to what users think of our improvements. We are also looking forward to hearing your suggestions for future Soffid versions.

Your valuable feedback is always appreciated.

The Soffid team

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