Advantages of implementing an intelligent identity management solution

Oct 19, 2022 | Uncategorized

Identity management is gaining more and more importance among companies, so it is necessary to have a defined strategy and an adequate solution.

Currently, sufficient attention is beginning to be paid to identity management, although it depends on the size of the company, but they are regularly producing two errors: On the one hand, quantification, as an example, and according to a recent report, 21% of the CISOS were unaware that their customers had been phishing. And on the other, simplicity vs. security, since identity management must be dealt with through progressive profiling.

One of the elements that creates the biggest problem with regard to identity management is usability. That is why we have to talk about digital identity, and we need a tool that makes a continuous and intelligent analysis of that access and that the user does not even appreciate it, so as not to generate unnecessary and duplicate access.

It is therefore important to establish a digital identity strategy, understanding the user’s journey, and knowing what are they looking for in our application or on our website. The customer must be at the center of any strategy to drive an organization’s business. Digitization has introduced registration processes, which took a long time before being able to start using that service. To this registration process we must add the need to remember countless passwords, which is also another negative point. For this reason, access has to go into the background and run transparently.

When providing a service to a user, the priority must be to facilitate the experience in a way that the user encounters as few obstacles as possible without reducing the security around identity control.It is necessary to deepen this relationship of trust.

In the case of employees, prioritize their productivity, having the necessary access in a simple way, only for what they need and for those who have authorization.

Soffid Access Management can be implemented throughout an organization and for all use cases: employees, customers, devices and objects. The identity solution allows you to associate access management, user-managed access, identity management, directory services, edge security, and also provides an identity gateway.

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