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What is Identity?

What is Identity?

Date today the computers give us real access to resources on computers let’s say a web app, in order for that web app to work with people it needs to know who you are.

Traditionally, what ends up happening is that they have a big database with all the information about that user, when you log into the app, sure! that you can get your email and you can get all these things that this application knows about you and works with you and we have a happy user out here and that’s really what the identity is there for it so that this digital app can know things about you and deliver content to you.

That’s just one app if I want another app, what do I have to do? In that old world we just do it again.

Now both apps knows about you too so you have Joe developer in app1 developing identity and you have Joe developer in app2. If a third app is needed then, we just do it again.

That solution doesn’t seem to be terribly efficient, because every app may be storing different things about you.

That’s a problem! So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to bring all of those different databases into one place and manage them centrally and they call that an identity, having one big shared database down here in our identity system so that all of these applications can get the information they need about this one single user, and the really cool part is that one single user only has to tell the identity system who they are once, and they can access any of these apps.